Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Reflection and Motivation

So, here, in one place are the photos from "before" and "after" my six-week Lindora Program.
(Note the Barbra shirt-hehe)

This after picture keeps me going and I'm motivated to stay on track. Funny, I know how I got to 159, but I'm still disgusted at the fact I let myself go like that-absolute disregard of my health and stupidity on my part. Now that I am not on the program anymore, I don't have anyone to "report" to but myself. So, I've promised myself never to do that again. I've lost a total of 21 pounds as of today. Current weight: 138

I urge anyone reading this to keep at your own weight loss, if eating controls you, you have to DECIDE you care about yourself. If you can't make that decision, you will keep "blowing up" and potentially suffer from all sorts of health complications due to being overweight - this isn't rocket science, it's your life. Don't be foolish with your life! Everything in life is a CHOICE - choose well.

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