Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 42

Well, last night I was craving a yogurt, looked on the package and only 11 grams of carbs - no problem! Until....

I reached for another one this morning and that's when I realized the 11 was a percent! The real carbs were 33!! Yikes! That means I went over and hit 81 carbs yesterday. I'm sick over this.

Today is Protein Day thank goodness! Hopefully, my body will be happy again. Weight went up slightly and I'm sure it was due to the accidental overload ;-(.

Well, today I'm hoping for a decent BM as well as some exercise during rehearsal for my next show in which I'm playing the Gypsy Belly Dancer in "Man of La Mancha." Thank goodness I took all those Belly Dance classes!

Have a great day all!


  1. Yikes, that had to be rough! I ate too large of a protein portion last week and felt sick/uncomfortable for two days. I'm sure the protein day will help. I'm not sure if you've already tried it, but Ralph's/Kroeger has a type of yogurt that is only four carbs...It's called Carb Master and it comes in a lot of flavors.

  2. Whoa! Never heard of that, will indeed go a lookin'! Metabolic Adjustment coming up and that scares me. The last day of my program is Thursday...feels very strange that the 7am daily visits are ending.