Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 40

Wow - Day 40?!? Hardly seems possible. 

Home from a day of working and performing. This morning my weight was back up a bit due to Mother Nature. I haven't felt good most of the day-well, at least my stomach hasn't. Blech.

Got all the stage hair washed out and enjoying a very late dinner now. Unfortunately, Sunday late Matinees throw my dinner time way off, but I still make sure I have my protein/lettuce/veggie/fruit combo. Oh! We received another standing ovation ;-).

I am planning to get to sleep here soon and start work at 4am. I have two other appointments tomorrow morning for some acting gigs, should be a lot of fun. Lindora Clinic at 7am, as usual ;-).

Hope your weekend was a fun one. 

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