Friday, September 5, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 38

Just got out of the clinic. Back down to 144 again - gosh I can't stand this teetering. Maybe I should date John Teeter then if could just go back to when I was 125 :-) - ha.

Booster shot was eventful - other Nurse sort of jiggles your butt to get it moving - that was different-actually hurt less when it was over.

Keto reading was "Smalll" this morning so Ketosis is improving. 

Next week will be my last week of actual program but I will go back for shots and checking in randomly as needed. Very blessed that I can simply walk here. 

It's kind of sad to think I won't see my nurse every morning at 7am ~ it's become so routine and fun watching her light up as I keep losing.  I'll still keep losing, but I'm going to be solely responsible.

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