Friday, September 5, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 37

This is going to be short since I'm writing it at almost midnight. I failed to post this at my usual time.

Weighed in today with weight up a bit - due to lack of another BM this morning. Keto reading was "Trace." Just got on the scale again and it's showing 143 - we'll see what the Lindora scale says tomorrow morning.

PS~Just posted my Day One pics in the Day One entry.


  1. "Moo" is a little harsh, but I believe it's important to remember ourselves at our beginning sizes to keep us on the right track. Back to your question from the other day, my clinic has me on 50-60 carbs per day. I try to keep it closer to 50 and I've been walking 45-60 mins a day - not always at one time. As of today, I'm down 20lbs with 30 to go.

  2. We'll, just have to be blatantly honest with myself ;-) SUPER glad to hear about your loss-20 pounds is a huge accomplishment. The next 30 should be easy-I want that for you for sure!!