Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 35

Today was my first day back to the clinic since Friday. There was a sense of relief, actually. Although I may appear to be "strong" in this blog, there are times when I want to raid the snack cupboard (I just don't talk about it). It takes a lot of strength, I assure you. So, going to Lindora gives me a sense of balance and positive motivation to keep on a' pushin!

This morning I had my measurements taken as well as got my B12 Booster, which I hadn't had since last Wednesday--hurt enough to make me uncomfortable for a little longer than usual--perhaps it was the AMP diet that caused that to hurt more than usual?

So, this morning I also got my measurements from back on August 19th when we did them. Note: They did not change since I first started the program, so here's what my starting numbers were (aka FATNESS GROSSNESS BLECH):

*Program Actual Start was August 1st
Starting Weight: 159

August 19th:
Weight: 148
Chest: 38.5
Abdomen: 34
Hip: 40
Thigh: 22.6
Waist: 35 (This is an approximation-we didn't take a true measurement)

Weight: 144
Chest: 38
Abdomen: 33
Hip: 39
Thigh: 21.5
Waist: 32

I asked my nurse for my photo of when we first started the program, she's going to give it to me tomorrow. I will post it up back on the Day #1 Entry for you all.

Well, I'm seeing results and a broken plateau...it's a good day!

I'm back to regular meal plan today.  I took Super Colon Cleanse just a bit ago as a lot of backed up stuff is still in my tummy and it's beginning to feel uncomfortable. Super Colon Cleanse is really great, gentle, works well and quickly.

Have a great day all! I'm prepping my meal plan for the day and going to steam clean the rugs, then dash off to the office and some errands. I hope your Labor Day weekend was a good one.

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