Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 33

Scale Read this morning: 144.5!!

The AMP is working. Like I said yesterday, will continue with this today and then debating on when to go back to regular meal - Monday or Tuesday. Perhaps staying on this three days will help shock my body into loss, I'm not wanting a plateau to happen again. My gosh, my waist is so small, it's back to the size I was at 18.

Late last night, while getting my clothes ready for today, I tried on a pair of pants and even buttoning them didn't help, they were sooo big they literally fell right off me. I tried on three other pairs of pants that I probably haven't worn since 2009 and my gosh, even they were too big in the stomach/upper leg area. Clothes reinvestment is inevitable - guess I'll have to work extra hard to get some new things.

"Mom" has offered to come over and help me revamp the closet (she's a serious Fashionista) - I guess we're about due to get that done. Maybe next weekend...would be so fun! Oh-never did mention, my bra size (around) went down significantly-I was 40, now I'm 34...that disgusting back fat is disappearing.

Oh the joys of being really healthy!

God Bless everyone today on His Day! I thank Him for the strength here.

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