Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 32

Well, since I'm home, I have to take advantage of my new digital scale. I'm weighing in at 145.8, so that's down another 2.5 lbs....thank goodness!! I slept a full eight hours, feeling very rested and rejuvenated. Last night our show was amazing and we got, yes, another standing ovation! A great way to end the night.

I did the plateau diet yesterday and I'm back to "Small" on the Ketosis reading. Today, I am going to take it upon myself to do the Alternative Meal Plan and see if that doesn't help further break the plateau through the weekend:

Breakfast: 2 Liquid Proteins
Lunch: Same
Mid-Day Snack: High Per-Protein Bar
Dinner: 1 Protein, 1 Veg, 1 Fruit
Evening Snack: 1 Liquid Protein

Have a good day all!
(P.S. - I miss pizza) I don't. Blech.


  1. I just found your blog last night and I love it. I'm on Day 20, and can relate to a lot of what you've been through -- I appreciate your honesty, too. So far I've lost 17, but I have 33 to go. Thanks for posting your journey!

    1. Hi Jessica - very nice to hear from you! I am glad you enjoy the blog. Do you have one as well? If so,would love to read it. Nice to connect with you and I do hope we can stay in touch here and keep each other on track! Bravo on your loss - keep a goin'!!

  2. I don't have a blog, but it would be great to stay in touch on here. I haven't lost much this weekend, so I increased my exercise a little bit. Today is a protein day and I'm looking forward to checking in at the clinic tomorrow. I've become addicted to my Monday-Friday lindora visits.

  3. I hear you on that! I actually just wrote about that very nice it is to get back to the Clinic. It's not an easy road without the nurse. If you're not losing weight, double/triple check your carb counts. You should be losing with or without exercise if you are eating per the guidelines. What does your nurse have you at? I'm at 55 carbs.