Friday, August 29, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 31

I call this one "The Plateau Is Killing Me!" (No suspense here!)

Went into the clinic before work this morning - 7am. Weighed in and even though I consumed the Plateau Menu yesterday, I'm up more weight. Keto reading was "Small." I guess at least that was good news?

Culprit now is definitely constipation - I tried drinking Smooth Move yesterday - nothing. Last night I took three tabs of DrFlora's Bowel Regulator before bed. It doesn't seem to work as fast as Super Colon Cleanse, which, by the way, these little packs are sold at the 99 Cent Store! I was out of Super Colon and DrFloras was in the drawer...I think I should send it back--or maybe it's just "slow" - we'll see. 

So, today I'm back on the Plateau Menu once again. I don't go back to the clinic until Tuesday due to Labor Day - had a double dose B12 shot today - no booster as I had one Wednesday and it didn't seem to do the trick either. Nurse is trying to develop some sort of alternative plan, I guess.

Oh! Yesterday I bought myself two new tops at The Hanger in Tustin (Designer Consignment Store that gives back to those in need) as it was their monthly 50% off day - no more Large, I'm down to my regular Medium-yeah! One of the shirts is a Micheal Kors ($12.50!). Now there's something to be excited about! I deserved a treat for myself :)

Have a great weekend folks...I'm looking forward to getting back on the stage this evening.

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