Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 30

UGH!! Ok, frustration setting in this morning. Again, I went up a few more ounces. Nurse put me back on plateau. Current weight: 148 - again! Why does my body love this number? I wish I knew.

So, here I am with my egg and grapefruit....luckily, I really like grapefruit so it's of no concern. I did have a protein bar yesterday so I will definitely miss my chocolate today, but it's the bigger goal I'm going after--not the chocolate.

Also to report, no BM for two days now so this could be a huge culprit. The Keto Stick actually went to "Negative" even after exercise and some time in the jacuzzi?

Overall, this whole plateau thing, albeit frustrating at times, is certainly an opportunity to learn things about my body that all these years I had been very neglectful about:

a. I need more sleep
b. I need more water
c. I must stay away from excessive carbs

Even though the weight has been stagnant for a week, I will not give up--I can see my body shrinking, I put on my yoga pants -- that nasty side meat is more than half of what it was:

Have a great day all!

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