Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 28

UWeight this morning.....146.8!!!

Official Lindora loss: 11.7 pounds to date.

The Plateau Plan is working, obviously. Nurse said this morning I will only need to do this again today and I should be ok. Basically, you break the plateau, you don't need to go longer on this adjustment diet than necessary. 

Ketosis reading this morning was up to "Small" and with the plateau doins' for one more day, I'm hoping I get a reading of "Medium" tomorrow, but we'll see. Left arm a little sore this morning when I received my injection, but I did have enough water.

Basically, my nurse is saying that doing the Plateau longer than necessary will not allow us to "trick" the body out of a plateau next time it's necessary.

The hot lemon water was excellent before bedtime....it's actually not a bad meal plan, although I did feel myself missing my chocolate and peanut butter protein bars yesterday -- they keep me sane.

Love to all and have a good day!

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