Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 26

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping with my guy and purchased a new Taylor Digital Scale from Aki Home. Weighed myself just now: 145.5-wow! That's another two pounds gone since Friday. I wonder how this will hold up against the Lindora Scale tomorrow morning? 

Today I have to work and my show is at 4pm - going to be a "bit" busy and will try to get a walk in at some point. Keto Stick reading "Trace." Going to go after more animal proteins today for snacks. I think the Salmon really kicks it up too - thinking back, there were a few consecutive days I had Salmon and my readings were higher . Maybe I should just eat that today. Turns out it has a lot more protein than other fish. If anyone has suggestions of other animal proteins on the higher protein level side, would love to hear.

Well, until tomorrow morning...
Have a good day all!

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