Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 22

Today I got to the clinic at 7am as usual. Weighed in and I'm up a half pound. Why? Hard to figure. I can only assume, again, it's not enough water. I need to keep cups at both ends of the stage during rehearsal I guess. I think my mind plays tricks on me ..... such as, if I drink water at all, of course I'll feel the need to go to the bathroom during my stage time. I need to comb over the script and see where/when I "could" use the bathroom in case of an emergency or something.

Keto stick this morning was down to "Trace" and that wasn't very good news either. Yesterday's carb count was down to 39, should be at 55 so, small failure there too.

More water, more focused monitoring of the carb counts - need to plan the day's foods, which I'm going to do today while it's a little slow here at work. I wish I could find a way to go for a walk during lunch...I'm going to try if other things don't get in my way again.

Just have to stay positive and keep plugging away!

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