Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 21

Well, between being overly busy with work and rehearsing, it's preventing me from drinking enough water and this morning I am really perturbed at myself. Weighed in at the same weight as yesterday - ugh. Gotta drink more water, dangit...find a way! Oh and two of my friends (and neighbors) are starting the program - so happy for them!

The good news is, however, that I had my measurements taken today and I have lost an inch and a half just about everywhere! This morning I was stopped by a coworker that wanted to tell me he noticed I had lost weight and I'm starting to look like a teenager. So sweet of him and that sure made my morning!

Keto stick was "Small" still. Today is my protien day...more water, more protein. I'm going to kick up this thing so I (hopefully) have a "Medium" reading tomorrow. I'm a little worried, enough Fiber (I think) and no bowel movement for a couple days. Going to get some Smooth Move Tea in tonight.

Have a great day everyone...drink your water!

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