Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 15

Got to the clinic in the afternoon after appointments. Like I said yesterday, today is a Protein Day, so that's been a blessing with the running about-easy grab and go foods every two hours. Praise to all the convenience, Lindora! I have never felt hungry on your plan!

I have been told by the nurse that we weigh more in the mid afternoon, so I'm guessing I may have been lighter at 7am but we'll never know. So, got weighed, had my B12 shot and am on the fast track again! Keto stick still reading small (which the nurse tells me is very good) and I'm now down eight pounds! 

Whooo hoooo!

Now to eat a little tuna and go off and finish errands for work. 

Have a great day all! 

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