Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 33

Scale Read this morning: 144.5!!

The AMP is working. Like I said yesterday, will continue with this today and then debating on when to go back to regular meal - Monday or Tuesday. Perhaps staying on this three days will help shock my body into loss, I'm not wanting a plateau to happen again. My gosh, my waist is so small, it's back to the size I was at 18.

Late last night, while getting my clothes ready for today, I tried on a pair of pants and even buttoning them didn't help, they were sooo big they literally fell right off me. I tried on three other pairs of pants that I probably haven't worn since 2009 and my gosh, even they were too big in the stomach/upper leg area. Clothes reinvestment is inevitable - guess I'll have to work extra hard to get some new things.

"Mom" has offered to come over and help me revamp the closet (she's a serious Fashionista) - I guess we're about due to get that done. Maybe next weekend...would be so fun! Oh-never did mention, my bra size (around) went down significantly-I was 40, now I'm 34...that disgusting back fat is disappearing.

Oh the joys of being really healthy!

God Bless everyone today on His Day! I thank Him for the strength here.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 32

Well, since I'm home, I have to take advantage of my new digital scale. I'm weighing in at 145.8, so that's down another 2.5 lbs....thank goodness!! I slept a full eight hours, feeling very rested and rejuvenated. Last night our show was amazing and we got, yes, another standing ovation! A great way to end the night.

I did the plateau diet yesterday and I'm back to "Small" on the Ketosis reading. Today, I am going to take it upon myself to do the Alternative Meal Plan and see if that doesn't help further break the plateau through the weekend:

Breakfast: 2 Liquid Proteins
Lunch: Same
Mid-Day Snack: High Per-Protein Bar
Dinner: 1 Protein, 1 Veg, 1 Fruit
Evening Snack: 1 Liquid Protein

Have a good day all!
(P.S. - I miss pizza) I don't. Blech.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Articles on Ketosis/Low-Carb Diet

The Low-Carb Diet

Lindora Journey Day 31

I call this one "The Plateau Is Killing Me!" (No suspense here!)

Went into the clinic before work this morning - 7am. Weighed in and even though I consumed the Plateau Menu yesterday, I'm up more weight. Keto reading was "Small." I guess at least that was good news?

Culprit now is definitely constipation - I tried drinking Smooth Move yesterday - nothing. Last night I took three tabs of DrFlora's Bowel Regulator before bed. It doesn't seem to work as fast as Super Colon Cleanse, which, by the way, these little packs are sold at the 99 Cent Store! I was out of Super Colon and DrFloras was in the drawer...I think I should send it back--or maybe it's just "slow" - we'll see. 

So, today I'm back on the Plateau Menu once again. I don't go back to the clinic until Tuesday due to Labor Day - had a double dose B12 shot today - no booster as I had one Wednesday and it didn't seem to do the trick either. Nurse is trying to develop some sort of alternative plan, I guess.

Oh! Yesterday I bought myself two new tops at The Hanger in Tustin (Designer Consignment Store that gives back to those in need) as it was their monthly 50% off day - no more Large, I'm down to my regular Medium-yeah! One of the shirts is a Micheal Kors ($12.50!). Now there's something to be excited about! I deserved a treat for myself :)

Have a great weekend folks...I'm looking forward to getting back on the stage this evening.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 30

UGH!! Ok, frustration setting in this morning. Again, I went up a few more ounces. Nurse put me back on plateau. Current weight: 148 - again! Why does my body love this number? I wish I knew.

So, here I am with my egg and grapefruit....luckily, I really like grapefruit so it's of no concern. I did have a protein bar yesterday so I will definitely miss my chocolate today, but it's the bigger goal I'm going after--not the chocolate.

Also to report, no BM for two days now so this could be a huge culprit. The Keto Stick actually went to "Negative" even after exercise and some time in the jacuzzi?

Overall, this whole plateau thing, albeit frustrating at times, is certainly an opportunity to learn things about my body that all these years I had been very neglectful about:

a. I need more sleep
b. I need more water
c. I must stay away from excessive carbs

Even though the weight has been stagnant for a week, I will not give up--I can see my body shrinking, I put on my yoga pants -- that nasty side meat is more than half of what it was:

Have a great day all!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 29

Well, good and bad news. The bad news is that my weight didn't go down any more, actually it's up just a few ounces. I attribute this to ... I don't know!  Sort of baffled at this point I guess.  I worked 16 hours yesterday but I still managed to get eight hours of sleep. I did drink enough water, but my carb count was down by five. Maybe my body wants exactly that 55 or it rebels? I dunno.  Today is Protein Day - perhaps that will also help me.

Keto stick reading this morning: Small (at least it didn't go down!)

Because of this plateau just being so darn stubborn, my nurse has suggested two boosters a week (ouch, my butt!). She is stating that it will help with my metabolic rate and that I need to increase the exercise. I have decided to go out and walk the nature trail then go out for a dip in the pool/jacuzzi. Should be fun!

My son's off to get more college art quiet around here, but I'm enjoying it :)

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 28

UWeight this morning.....146.8!!!

Official Lindora loss: 11.7 pounds to date.

The Plateau Plan is working, obviously. Nurse said this morning I will only need to do this again today and I should be ok. Basically, you break the plateau, you don't need to go longer on this adjustment diet than necessary. 

Ketosis reading this morning was up to "Small" and with the plateau doins' for one more day, I'm hoping I get a reading of "Medium" tomorrow, but we'll see. Left arm a little sore this morning when I received my injection, but I did have enough water.

Basically, my nurse is saying that doing the Plateau longer than necessary will not allow us to "trick" the body out of a plateau next time it's necessary.

The hot lemon water was excellent before's actually not a bad meal plan, although I did feel myself missing my chocolate and peanut butter protein bars yesterday -- they keep me sane.

Love to all and have a good day!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 27

Got to the clinic at 7:30 this morning. Feels extremely good to have a full morning off and not be rushed. My weight, it turns out is at a plateau...a normal happening for most at their halfway point. Weight was 148.1. Keto reading was still at "Trace" and my daily B12 Injection was done.

I'm still wearing twelve extra pounds of fat. It's disgusting....I want it GONE tomorrow. So frustrating some days....but, like I said, I am motivated. Motivation, however, does not mean I ignore how gross my stomach still looks...I let myself get angry at myself and that is powerful motivation to fix the ugly. do I get out of this plateau? Well....the nurse started me on a Plateau Diet as of today:
**80 oz of Water (still)

1 Egg or Egg Substitute
1/2 Grapefruit
Any zero-carb beverage (aka black coffee)

Liquid Protein Snack

3.5 Ounces of White Fish
1/2 Cup Cooked Spinach
1 Cup Lettuce
1/2 Grapefruit

Liquid Protein Snack

Repeat Lunch

Bedtime: Cup of Hot Lemon Water

I am not sure how long I have to be on the Plateau Diet, but I'm eating Swai Fish again as the white fish portion of this diet. It's really tasty, somewhat buttery. Try it! Stater Brothers has it frozen in individual steaks, makes defrosting and cooking a snap!

Have a great day all!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 26

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping with my guy and purchased a new Taylor Digital Scale from Aki Home. Weighed myself just now: 145.5-wow! That's another two pounds gone since Friday. I wonder how this will hold up against the Lindora Scale tomorrow morning? 

Today I have to work and my show is at 4pm - going to be a "bit" busy and will try to get a walk in at some point. Keto Stick reading "Trace." Going to go after more animal proteins today for snacks. I think the Salmon really kicks it up too - thinking back, there were a few consecutive days I had Salmon and my readings were higher . Maybe I should just eat that today. Turns out it has a lot more protein than other fish. If anyone has suggestions of other animal proteins on the higher protein level side, would love to hear.

Well, until tomorrow morning...
Have a good day all!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 25

Well, we had opening night last night of "The Grapes of Wrath." I was relieved-rehearsals are officially done. No standing ovation but the applause was grand, nonetheless. You can see some publicity shots here if you're interested.

We had a couple blips, but overall, it was an amazing and moving show for our audience. The greatest compliment I received was from a fellow actress from DC - "I enjoyed your character the most." I got another that truly tickled me ... "Wow, how do you do that?"

Of course, compliments are flattering and mean a lot, but nothing last night after curtain meant more to me than actually getting some well-deserved sleep. Since last Saturday, between the theater and work, I clocked exactly 80 hours.

As a reward, I was actually able to sleep a full eight and a half hours last night! My body seriously needed it. I have been sleeping an average of five hours a night all this week. Keto Stick read "Trace" this morning. Over my coffee here, I've been hashing out how I can try to boost this reading. Perhaps I have to change something besides the dark leafy greens? What I found was adding Coconut Oil daily may indeed help. No carbs and it improves the body's metobolism, not to mention it's effect on hair and skin - Read more here. So, guess what? I'm now adding this to my morning coffee. One time when I was at Dallas's house, she gave me a cup of black coffee with Coconut Oil in it - I'm sure she told me of the health benefits, but it probably went in one ear and out the other - doh!

Another BM this morning (thanks Smooth Move). Got on my scale and it is reading 143 which I know is not correct. I need to seriously invest in a new scale. I may go shop for one today.

Enjoy your Saturday all...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 24

Hello Progress!!

Water intake was about 70oz yesterday (got too busy at work) and carb count was dead on at 55 for the day - yeah!  OH! ~Smooth Move worked a miracle yesterday afternoon :) I need to thank the makers of that product...think I'll do that today.

I went to the grocery store after work and got more dark, leafy greens and oranges. I think both helped with the Ketosis as the reading this morning was between "Trace" and "Small." We'll see what the weekend brings with this change. I have spinach in this mix, which I didn't before and I think this may be a big help, but we shall see.

Weight this morning was 147 - still have 12 more pounds to lose to get to the goal weight of 135. Since I've now lost 12 pounds easily, seems that the next three weeks should be a breeze. Weight Maintenance is something I've been thinking about since I'm halfway through the program. Tonight, my play "The Grapes of Wrath" opens....since I will have some more personal time now, I need to read that chapter in my Lean for Life book (Maintenance).

Received my usual Friday B12 Booster this morning, butt was hurting a bit about an hour after, had to get up and move around a bit. I do look forward to Fridays as it seems that I feel so much more energized and ready to take on tasks. The week and all the work kept me a little "down" in the energy department. But, if you know me, I'm tenacious and I don't let "tired" ever stop me from anything. 

Let's GO!!
"The Program Half-Way Mark"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Arthur Boorman: An Amazing Transformation

Just Watch...

Lindora Journey Day 23

This morning my Keto Stick read "Neutral" for sure. I am not sure what is going on with my state of Ketosis, but I am pretty convinced now that it is lack of sleep. I haven't been able to get much. My carbs went back up to 52 yesterday. I tried to get to my exact mark of 55, but by bedtime I was beat. All I can say is thank goodness for the B12 shots, without them I'd really be dragging.

Bowel movements are irregular-haven't had one for two days now. I did take in my 80oz of water yesterday, so I think I have a lot of retention. I drank some Smooth Move last night in hopes it will work by mid-morning.

At weigh-in this morning, I had lost only an ounce.

Have a good day everyone :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 22

Today I got to the clinic at 7am as usual. Weighed in and I'm up a half pound. Why? Hard to figure. I can only assume, again, it's not enough water. I need to keep cups at both ends of the stage during rehearsal I guess. I think my mind plays tricks on me ..... such as, if I drink water at all, of course I'll feel the need to go to the bathroom during my stage time. I need to comb over the script and see where/when I "could" use the bathroom in case of an emergency or something.

Keto stick this morning was down to "Trace" and that wasn't very good news either. Yesterday's carb count was down to 39, should be at 55 so, small failure there too.

More water, more focused monitoring of the carb counts - need to plan the day's foods, which I'm going to do today while it's a little slow here at work. I wish I could find a way to go for a walk during lunch...I'm going to try if other things don't get in my way again.

Just have to stay positive and keep plugging away!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lindora Journey - The Yes and No



Thank you Lindora for helping me get closer and closer to my YES.

Lindora Journey Day 21

Well, between being overly busy with work and rehearsing, it's preventing me from drinking enough water and this morning I am really perturbed at myself. Weighed in at the same weight as yesterday - ugh. Gotta drink more water, dangit...find a way! Oh and two of my friends (and neighbors) are starting the program - so happy for them!

The good news is, however, that I had my measurements taken today and I have lost an inch and a half just about everywhere! This morning I was stopped by a coworker that wanted to tell me he noticed I had lost weight and I'm starting to look like a teenager. So sweet of him and that sure made my morning!

Keto stick was "Small" still. Today is my protien day...more water, more protein. I'm going to kick up this thing so I (hopefully) have a "Medium" reading tomorrow. I'm a little worried, enough Fiber (I think) and no bowel movement for a couple days. Going to get some Smooth Move Tea in tonight.

Have a great day everyone...drink your water!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 20

Today I went into the Lindora Clinic and I had indeed lost two more pounds. I'm now down to 148 - yippee!!

The one thing I failed on this morning was doing my Keto Stick, (whoops-forgot due to waking up late and was in a fog-ola!) so I guess I'll have to do it tonight. I've been so busy at work today I've not been able to get down as much water today, but I'm trying to catch up now since it's slowing down.

Rehearsal tonight, but I've got time to grab a healthy dinner beforehand. I just may treat myself to Native Foods and a Tempeh Bowl...still undecided.

Have a great day all.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 19

This morning I got on the scale and it read two pounds lighter than Friday. I guess we'll see what the Lindora scale will bring at 7am tomorrow.

Today was a long day at rehearsal for "The Grapes of Wrath" and I was hot and sweaty most of the day--a good thing I guess. A lot of walking and working things out on stage gave me a lot of exercise, that's for sure!

Daily foods did not go as scheduled, I ate my lunch for dinner since I couldn't really eat most of the afternoon. I did have protein snacks, but still...

Keto stick this morning was either "Trace" or "Small" - I couldn't tell.

Oh I want that medium reading back again so badly.

Until tomorrow....

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 18

Wow I'm getting to bed late again. When I was weighed this morning I had bounced up a half pound. I cannot figure it out. Nothing with eating has changed. I think it "could" have something to do with irregularity or maybe not enough water? Keto stick still at "Small" but I wish it would jump to medium. Gotta figure out how to make that happen.

Anyway, got my B12/B6/BComplex Booster in the butt-yeeeowch. Fridays are a love/hate when it comes to the booster. 

Meals all planned for the rest of the weekend.

Goodnight and pleasant dreams...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 17

Well, I got some better sleep last night, I was out around midnight vs. 1:30 - ugh. Anyway, got to the clinic this morning with the report that I didn't go over my 52 planned carbs - yeah! B12 Injection was painless today.

GOOD NEWS! I'm now down another pound!! So, that's now a total of 8.5 pounds lost after that crazy fluctuation I had.

Today, carbs will again be back at 55 for the day. Some variety foods planned, including 1/2 cup of Papaya :) Yum!

Enjoy your energy is back up, so happy about that!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 16

This morning my Keto reading was "small" and my weight was still the same. Fifty-two carbs are planned for today to balance me out. Nothing more to note this morning except I feel pretty darn tired, even after having my B12 shot. Need more sleep and bowel movements are off again. Gotta fix this, will talk with the nurse about more fiber. Tonight, I'm going to try and get a cup of Smooth Move inside me before bedtime. Rehearsals for my new play are kicking my butt right now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 15

Got to the clinic in the afternoon after appointments. Like I said yesterday, today is a Protein Day, so that's been a blessing with the running about-easy grab and go foods every two hours. Praise to all the convenience, Lindora! I have never felt hungry on your plan!

I have been told by the nurse that we weigh more in the mid afternoon, so I'm guessing I may have been lighter at 7am but we'll never know. So, got weighed, had my B12 shot and am on the fast track again! Keto stick still reading small (which the nurse tells me is very good) and I'm now down eight pounds! 

Whooo hoooo!

Now to eat a little tuna and go off and finish errands for work. 

Have a great day all! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Special Thanks to My Readers!!

I was just thrilled to see this! There are readers in all these countries...Wow! Thanks for being here and I do hope you are gaining knowledge and being inspired here to eat and think all things healthy. Please do leave a comment from time to time, it would be nice to hear from you folks - I'd be thrilled if you did.

With love,
United States

South Korea







Lindora Journey Day 14

Went in bright and early this morning to the Lindora Clinic - 7am to be exact. I was afraid with the carb overage I'd be doomed and I was right. Couple this with not enough sleep and I'm back to the same weight I was on Friday. Frustrating, but nurse says don't get discouraged and I'm not. Nurse gave me my B-12 injection this morning and a one-page handout with a speech from Blanche Devereaux (now that was random). Haven't read it yet, but I love that my nurse loves actors! I am so curious as to what this is, but I'm waiting until my lunch break to read it so I have no distractions.

Keto stick reading still at small, so that's good news.

As I stated yesterday, all of today's meals have already been planned out - I will be at 52 carbs today, three under my normal day. I also went down a little yesterday just to be safe.

Have a great day all!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 13

Well, yesterday I didn't keep well enough track of my intake and I was over by 20 carbs....UGH that was a bad mistake. Now I'm understanding why the nurse is so adamant about you filling out the week in advance. Plan every meal - lesson learned. Although a little challenging for me, I'm going to get this week's filled out at work tomorrow. Monday's meals are already planned out.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 12

Nothing major to report-it's Saturday so no clinic today. I'm currently having dinner - shrimp, chicken and veggies - yum! Lots of water today. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 11

Got into the clinic later than usual today. Weight stayed the same due to not enough water yesterday-too much work being the culprit. Got my weekly B12 Booster in the butt-blech. My ketone stick reading also went back to "Small"-nurse said "Don't be overly concerned about it, just make it up today." So, yeah, I'm on my second gallon of water now....

Happeeeee Friday! (See what I did there)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 10

Side Meat - just a harsh reality view of the actual bulge. Will take another pic in a week. 

I'm down another pound and had my B12 shot. Got through yesterday's "protein only" diet day. All going super and Keto Stick this morning read "Medium!" Booyah!!

Went to the Lindora Main Store and got some more healthy snacks today - yum!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 9

So I got this last night.  I'm using this app in conjunction with Lindora to stay focused and keep a running record that will remind me not to eat stupidly ever again!

Just left the Nurse - I'm down another pound!! Today is Protein Day - protein every two hours - nothing but protein so help me God ;-)

Have a great day everyone!

Lindora Journey Day 8

Keto reading was still at "Small" this morning. Hopped outta bed and met with my my B12 shot in the butt - oh fun.

Oh....had a pretty good bowel movement (last night) finally - was getting a little worried. I see the 15mg of Fiber is actually doing what it should.

Took in my Lean for Life Book (for her review) with all my recorded foods from the weekend. One thing I "failed" on is missing two protein snacks on Saturday because I didn't feel hungry. That was the wrong thing to do, I have to eat it anyway. Lesson learned, moving on.

And....I got on the scale - I've lost 5.5 pounds so far! Nurse said I'm above average with the loss thusfar-whoo hoo-proud of my willpower :)

Want more information about the Lindora Program?

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 7

So, I slept in until 9:30am today, really needed it. Diet going well and for lunch we had some great Mackerel, Cucumber and Tomato Slices and Apricots. After that, went on a shopping trip with Mom (while the guys did some Voice Over work) looking for new undergarments and next month after my weight loss we're revamping my closet together--can't wait!

For dinner Dave took me, Mom and Papa to Tokyo Table where I had an amazing Sashimi Salad w/Albacore and Salmon and a side of Grilled Shishito Peppers. Drank a ton of water too, was so good!

I am still missing cookies and cakes but what I'm learning about the food I should be eating is making me not want them in the long least, in very disciplined moderation down the road.

Hope your Sunday went well too!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 6

Well, this morning I used my first Ketone Urine Analysis stick and it only showed me at the "Small" level but we'll see what tomorrow brings. 

Not much to mention other than the diet plan is keeping me satisfied so far. Urinating frequently, bowel movements are farther between, but I feel great and still have plenty of energy.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Lindora Journey Day 5

Just left my nurse - got my B12 Booster and my new diet to start tomorrow.  I will be on an average of 875 calories/65 carbs a day. I'm now also taking fiber gummies 3x a day - 5g per dose - along with the other daily supplements.
And .....
I've lost FOUR pounds!! Feelin' super!