Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lindora Journey ... Day 2

Well, some of you might find this next entry a bit "gross" but, I'm here to be REAL 'bout this diet, ya'll!

Yesterday was an easy day adjusting to the three square meals diet full of goodness and whole foods. I am back to taking vitamins and drinking a lot more water than I'm used to. I hate it, seems like I'm drowning myself and it takes a LOT of time to consume so much, but I'm getting better. I don't know...seems like stops in life for more water have always seemed to be a interruption of stuff I'd rather be doing, like reading the news or educating myself on more plays and films, etc. 

So, about 10:15 last night I had a 20 minute bowel movement. I felt sick to my stomach like I was going to throw up. Eating poorly caught up to me. The cleansing felt like it was coming from way up in my intestines..I was sort of shocked, but still not the least bit surprised. I would get up and be right back down again. Mind you, I had not drank any fiber yet...crazy, right? So, I drank one of the Lindora Fiber Iced Teas (you mix it with water) right after that. I figured, ok, by morning this should kick in too and I'll be completely cleaned out. Well, nothin' happened yet and it's now noon.

So....today is day #2. I went over to the clinic to see my nurse and she plotted out my next three days of the protein only diet. I get to eat some decent things like a hard boiled egg, chicken, turkey, protein bars, etc. To answer your question....nope, nothing but protein, fiber drinks and 80 oz of water (minimum).

They got another $70 out of me for supplements, but, in all honesty, they're much lower in calories, higher in protein and lower in carbs than anything I could find in the store ... and believe me, "this" detail girl looked.

Oh gosh, had my picture taken today too. I'm told I "may" be part of their marketing, we'll see. Wouldn't that be awesome! I would really like to be a light for someone else, that's for sure!

Until tomorrow....I'm on my last "enjoy it all day" (within reason)

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