Monday, July 28, 2014

The Lindora Journey Begins....Day 1

Friday, I went in and had my bloodwork done and got the Lean for Life book and some handouts about Ketogenic diet and such.

This morning, Monday, I went for formal education with my nurse and she instructed me that I must start the Prep Day 1 Meal Plan today and keep that through Wednesday. I will be going back in the morning to report what I've eaten today. I was also given my Daily Action Plan Journal to start recording my diet and exercise.

Current Weight: 155
BMI: 24

I'm "just" on that cusp of being overweight. This is where panic mode should really set in for all of us .... we'd surely have a much healthier and leaner population.

Here's those Day #1 pics I promised you...(Posted 9/4/14)


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