Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tomorrow Ends 21 Days on Master Cleanse

This has probably been one of the easiest times I've had on the cleanse. Maybe it is because I find myself more disciplined within the health benefits of it, instead of focusing on the weight loss. 

I'm doing one last Salt Water Flush today to get out the last of the toxins. I hate these things, but, it's necessary and the internal you feels so good when it's, I'm always thirsting for that final result. The water is horrible, but I have the stamina and the willpower to get through most anything, including this darn drink--blech. 

I'm looking at sweets in the kitchen and it's basically making me NOT want them....I'm craving now for salads with tuna and tomatoes....with a nice bowl of fruit on the side to satisfy my incredible sweet tooth. 

So, Tuesday I will start back with some liquid, soups, mainly.  Of course, lots of Orange Juice to balance out the acidic levels (as suggested by the Master Cleanse folks). 

Later in the week, I'm taking my boys to Dim Sum for my reward. My oldest hasn't yet seen the new me. 

I will be putting up pics soon....but it will be another week or so. I still haven't gotten to the point where I am ready for that full body shot to show off the new physique. Still 7 lbs to lose and then I'll post one. 

I do hope to encourage my readers to try Master Cleanse. It is a great feeling and it CAN be done (without cheating!), you just have to want it bad enough. Like smoking, drinking, doing drugs, overeating/eating the wrong things, these are all choices people make to harm themselves.

Make the choice to free yourself of the crap in is an amazing feeling! 

Anyone that says "I can't do it" is simply an excuse maker...don't be THAT guy.

PS. GOD is a good guide that can help you too! 

God Bless you all...
I'm off to church with my son in my skinnier, cleaner body.

Norma Jean

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