Sunday, July 28, 2013

Master Cleanse Day 13

Well, here we are and only 8 more days to go. I'm feeling great! Current weight is still at 145 but I'm hoping this week's daily walks will reduce that even more. 

I have had no temptations, but I do quite miss my Sushi and Dim Sum Sundays with the Family! Gosh....

Remember to keep it moving and you too, can do this weight loss thing. 

Don't be a fat's not worth the health risk and bikinis give you something to be proud of! Not there yet....but it's coming!  Next summer I'm going to be out there at my beach with the darn tourists, screw it!

Have a great rest of your Sunday, all!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Master Cleanse....Day 7

Hello Dear Friends, 

I haven't written on this blog in a while.  I have been very busy with projects around the clock, balancing my family life and things, it ended up that two months went by and I went "What just happened?!" 

So, here we are. I, of course, have been walking but not much else. My current weight is 145, I've still got 10 more lbs to go to reach my current goal weight of 135. I know I can do it.

To help kick start the much needed weight loss, last Monday I started Master Cleanse. I do this every summer, usually for three weeks. It keeps my head grounded, my body clean and reinvigorates my mind to eat healthy. It's a great feeling when you're doing Master Cleanse...emotionally, physically....

There will be people that say it's not good for you, etc. But, it's only 3 weeks out of 52. This is my fifth year doing it. It's hasn't had any weird affects on me. In fact, your skin, teeth and hair are so clean and shiny, it's amazing.

So, tomorrow morning I am getting up early for a nice long walk before I have to jet off to rehearsal.

I hope you'll take a nice long walk too.  Being fat isn't fun-no crap food ever tastes as good as being thin feels. 

OWN YOUR FAT, but SELL fast!

Thanks for being here.