Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today's Gym Recap

Well, first, let me get this off my chest: 

If you're in the gym and the TV is OFF and there's someone there listening to an iPhone on their headset and doing a "very quiet" workout, have the COMMON SENSE and RESPECT to ask them if they mind if you turn on the TV and BLAST IT! 

I was listening to my one-woman show and "studying" since the gym is always empty at 10:30am....and here come these two 18/19 year old girls with no damn home trainin'! I want to speak with their Mother, so rude!

The good news in all of this is that I have less to lose than they do....WINNING!! LOL

I beat my two-mile record and did it in just 30 mins today...felt awesome! 

After those rotten teenagers got there, I finished off with my rowing, leg curls, leg extensions and another 10 mins on the bike. 

Rows: 40 @ 40lbs.
Leg Extensions: 40 @ 30lbs.
Leg Curls: 40 @ 40lbs.
Bike: I can't remember, But I was peddlin' my butt off for ten solid minutes. 

Home, showered and feeling accomplished! Oh, but I didn't get through "ten pages" that I had intended to. Rotten kids! 


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