Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend - I Still Worked Out

Well, this Memorial Day Weekend was spent at Mom and Dad's. The highlight happened yesterday, taking the Tramway up the San Jacinto Mountain from its base in Palm Springs. 

The trip was amazing with breathtaking views, wish all my readers could experience this. 

Well, in the morning, I went over to Mom's clubhouse and hopped on a lot of the new workout equipment. 

Two miles on the treadmill
One mile on the bike
40 Leg Curls
40 Leg Extensions
50 Crunches
40 Torso Rotations

The lesson here....don't let a weekend getaway somewhere stop your fitness program. 

We also walked a lot at the mountain and had a great dinner in Palm Springs before heading back...a great day was had by all! 

The view from 10,000 feet...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today's Gym Recap

Well, first, let me get this off my chest: 

If you're in the gym and the TV is OFF and there's someone there listening to an iPhone on their headset and doing a "very quiet" workout, have the COMMON SENSE and RESPECT to ask them if they mind if you turn on the TV and BLAST IT! 

I was listening to my one-woman show and "studying" since the gym is always empty at 10:30am....and here come these two 18/19 year old girls with no damn home trainin'! I want to speak with their Mother, so rude!

The good news in all of this is that I have less to lose than they do....WINNING!! LOL

I beat my two-mile record and did it in just 30 mins today...felt awesome! 

After those rotten teenagers got there, I finished off with my rowing, leg curls, leg extensions and another 10 mins on the bike. 

Rows: 40 @ 40lbs.
Leg Extensions: 40 @ 30lbs.
Leg Curls: 40 @ 40lbs.
Bike: I can't remember, But I was peddlin' my butt off for ten solid minutes. 

Home, showered and feeling accomplished! Oh, but I didn't get through "ten pages" that I had intended to. Rotten kids! 


Friday, May 3, 2013

Taking The Bull By The Horns - Long Beach Losers

During the last "Biggest Loser," I found out about "Long Beach Losers." This group is GREAT and they are doin' it! Wow, lucky people that live in Long Beach who have this at their disposal. Bravo to all!

I wrote to them today to try and find a partner that may want to start up a "Newport Beach Losers" chapter with me. I'll be excited to see what happens, this may just pan out.

Lately, I have been thinking about WHY we gain weight. The answer is simple, just like a person that smokes and won't quit, we don't CARE enough about ourselves to actually start making it happen.  If we did, we'd all panic when we gained even five pounds and try to get rid of it asap!  When (sorry guys) women, especially, don't go into panic mode until they've hit 180/200, there's more of a psychological problem. It stems from lack of self-respect, self-worth, feeling not good enough and certainly unloved. If people truly love you, they push you to be your best. When they don't, they'll keep taking you out for burgers and ice cream and watch you blow the hell up...HELLO!? Can you say enabler? Don't be a dumbass and fall into this trap! DO NOT! If your man is insecure about his own self, then surely, he wants you fat so no other men will be attracted to you. Can I get an "Amen?"

To add to this note, we also have here (in our society) a viscous cycle of parents who allow their children to overeat. That is NOT love! NOT. As parents, we are to blame. So, if you're overweight, I venture a guess your parents let you eat whatever the heck you wanted, just so you were "happy." It's all a smokescreen, people. Stop the cycle with you!

Dave has been a real charmer. He's always saying, I love you just the way you are, because your intellect and laughter is the thing I fell in love with, not your body. Well, knowing that he completely respects me and always tells the truth, I do believe him; however, he's very supportive of my fight for a healthier me and to look good for him, too.


What I have learned in a 20-lb FAT ASS gain is that food and comfort became more important than my actual health.  I am extremely MAD at myself for NOT panicking when I reached 145! Now, I'm 155 and I tell you, it's not easy to lose the weight. Ultimately, I want to be at 135 and toned. I want to wear my size 7 pants that I was wearing in 2008. This is hell on's up and down, fighting the gym, fighting food, loving the gym, hating the gym, being lazy, being motivated, unmotivated...UGH! The mind never stops doing its "Hey, you know you want a brownie" crap! I wish there was a simple answer. The best one I have is, you don't even get those thoughts if you're truly motivated. So, I have to change my thinking to a constant "I CAN DO THIS!"

This weight loss is a fight within myself just has any fight has been to change my lifestyle, habits and becoming a better person in God's eyes.  I worship Him completely and THAT right there keeps me going and always "Taking The Bull By The Horns."

To forgive myself for my own failures and bad decisions, to forgive those who have hurt me, to listen to the Lord and know that His way is the only way to reach higher ground.  To give my children more to respect about me, to lead by example in my own growth and fight for better health and body. 

Speaking of God, I highly recommend this other blog to those that also follow in what God wants for us. As the addicts say, I've been "clean" now for two years next month. Whooo hooo!

Lastly, if you are reading this blog and would like to start up a Newport Losers chapter with me, I'd LOVE to hear from you!

All the best and enjoy your day folks...I'm off to the gym at noon.

Go walk on your lunch break....please?