Sunday, April 21, 2013

Five More Miles Yesterday and More Today!

Yesterday, Saturday...was PACKED with fun!  I picked up Christine and arrived on Balboa about 8:30am (late!) We walked about three and a half miles and took the Ferry over to the Fun Zone.

Walked about there and did some window shopping for new summer hats and had breakfast at Harborside Restaurant.

Then, it was back on the Ferry to the island to finish the last mile and a half.

The walk was wonderful and invigorating. Finished off with the Jacuzzi to massage the muscles.

Today, did a lot more walking (well, ok, more of a stop/start) at the Airplane Museum in Chino, which lies just at the base view of the most incredible mountains....just gorgeous.

Love going with my Dave to museums, he teaches me SO much! It's so refreshing to learn so many things from your partner. That man has a mind like my grandfather--an equally astute, brilliant and remarkable historian. So many things in this life we know nothing about...because we fail to take the time to learn what we feel is "unimportant to us," yet, there are so many things we should know. He never stops impressing me.

Growth in the Lord is amazing, right?! We are so blessed to have been brought together by Him!

Oh....sorry, squirrel!

Speaking of Growth.....
We stopped at Flo's Airport Cafe for brunch on the way there. I ate the country gravy. DANG.

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