Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Balboa 5 Miles - 6:00am

What are YOU doing at 6:00am tomorrow?

I'm taking my friend Christine with me and we're doing an hour and a half walk, at approximately 4mph.

I found a great little calculator to figure out how many calories we'll burn: 

You walked 6.00 miles, and burned 545 calories. Way to go!

Here's the link for anyone that is interested in figuring out their own walk accomplishment: 

I ate very healthy today, always a great feeling! 

Stay away from the Fast Food, people...and walk it out!

If this blog is inspiring to you and it's helping you, please let me know by leaving a nice comment. We're all in this battle of the FAT ASS together!

Until the next entry....let's do this!

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