Monday, November 5, 2012

Crazy Work Week Meant Hardly Any Workouts!

I started last week, a week ago Thursday as a Stand-In on a new Michael Bay Pilot for TNT...then, I was hired for a feature spot in a new British TV Show with Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer...Altogether, I put in about 100 hours of work/socializing/networking with all the driving, etc.

The only exercise I did get was a lot of walking around when I could, including a lot of stair climbing. So, finally....this Saturday I hit the gym. 

I took the day off on Sunday since I had a loooong night at a Premiere for Swimming Wings Productions. (That's the production company that got our short film "Choices" to Cannes and why I now have a Cannes credit--thank you Jesus and Swimming Wings!) Anyway, the Premiere was for the band, Helicopter Rounds and their new single "The Hardest Day." Even though I don't "favor" any music outside of Streisand, I did enjoy the night immensely. The funniest part of the night was spent talking with two chief editors-from "Survivor" and "The Bachelor," those guys were hilarious!

With all the fun behind me (for now), today, I was back in the gym again! Thank Goodness!

Saturday: Did 2.5 mile speed walk around Balboa Island and an hour in the gym.
The Killing:
40-10lb Shoulder Press

40-10lb Supine Press
100 Crunches
30-40lb Row

30-40lb Lat Pulldown
50-50lb Leg Curl

50-50lb Leg Extension

Today: Another 2.5 mile speed walk around Balboa Island, an hour in the gym and a couple laps around the pool, finally soaking in 30 minutes of Vitamin D in this unseasonably warm temperature that currently stands at 91 degrees--in November?

Today's Killing: (Slightly smaller than Saturday's)
40-40lb Lat Pulldown
30-40lb Row
20-40lb Leg Extension
30-50lb Leg Curl

30-20lb Supine Press
20-20lb Incline Press

40 Crunches
2 Laps in Pool

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