Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today's Status...

Well, yesterday I worked two hours away from home and being that I knew it would be a terribly long day,  I got into the jacuzzi in the morning to sooth the muscles for a long night ahead in not-so-comfortable work quarters.

I was wrapped at 3am-ish and rested in my car for just a few before trying to drive that long stretch home. 

Yesterday at work, I had a lot of snacks, but all healthy, I was too cold and tired to actually record it all in an email to Dallas (which I do every day), so I figured since I was sitting here and trying to remember, I would just try to recall and write it down here in the FAT journal! 

Here we go: 
(Keep in mind totals are for the entire day)

4 Cup Coffee - I know, I know....

5 Bottles of Water
Swedish Meatballs with Brown Rice
1 Salad with Cucumber, Tomato, Mushrooms (NO dressing)
2 Pieces of Fish w/ Roasted Veggies
Side of Brown Rice and Black Beans

Organic Oatmeal and Raisin Cookie
1 Banana
1 Cup Mixed Nuts
1 Greek Yogurt w/ fruit
1 Protein Shake w/ fruit 

I think that about does it? Given that my work place was sort of "isolated," I'm lucky to have eaten this well!

So, I arrived home about 5:30am, got a little rest, did my Podcast (I know, this is turning into a mundane blog, isn't it?! LOL), then rested a bit more. 

Today I haven't had an appetite at all and I'm aching everywhere, feet are one of the worst. Tomorrow morning I will get up early and motivate myself to the gym...for another EPISODE OF....
 (Albiet Self-Inflicted this time)

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