Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Fat-Track Update!

Yesterday, it was not my regular day to work out, but I did some physical things anyway. I figured that since I wasn't working I had better not sit around! So, I did: 15 mins on the treadmill 5 laps in the pool 10 mins in jacuzzi It wasn't much, but I was so sore, I was glad I did at least this! 

Today, I did a full hour workout and 5 laps in the pool, I've eaten really well today so far and I've even finally! managed to increase my water intake...a blessing, this is and still continues to be a challenge. 

My workout today: 

15 Mins on Treadmill
40-10lb Supine Press
40-10lb Incline Press
40-10lb Shoulder Press
80 Crunches
40-40lb Lat Pulldowns
40-20lb Arm Curls
40-20lb Pushdowns on Lat Machine
20-40lb Rows
40-50lb Leg Curls
40-50lb Leg Extensions
20 Lunges
20 Squats

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