Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Do Something Physical Every Day!

Since Dallas just about KILLED me yesterday, today is a recovery day...NOT!

I got motivated enough to go swimming! Here in Newport Beach it is 86 Degrees today. Unseasonably warm, yeah!

So, I went swimming for 15 minutes, kicking and thrashing like some crazy fish! It felt GREAT! Today was the first day in my 15 days of living healthy that I did TWO days in a row of something...it sure beat sitting here and I felt soooo good about myself and my motivation to actually do it-yeah me! I may just go swimming every day this week, supposed to be in the 80s throughout the week. Of course, I do have to work on some TV Shows and Films, so who knows what time I will have for exercise but I can at least go for walks on my breaks from set, which I intend to do!

Anyway, when I got back from my afternoon swim, I did my Podcast and guess who today's special guest was!?


Take a listen?

The Positive Actor Podcast is also on iTunes, so you can listen to Dallas's segment over and over again!

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