Monday, October 15, 2012

Dallas Kicks My Butt!

Ok, so we're two weeks in and "The Taping" took place today...

Dallas is not too happy with my lack of previous attention to my body, but we're changing that. Here's her hilarious reaction to my fat arms, she made me laugh so hard! LOL

"This "previous" you was the work of foolishness...we're moving on to a better you, right, NJ?" This, dear friends, is the finger of SHAME! *hides fat arms under towel and pokes bottom lip out in shame*

So, then....we proceed into the gym for what I like to call, simply....THE KILLING!
Just look at muscle girl up there standing over me like this is easy and I can do it. Be quiet up there muscles, I hate these friggin' push ups! UGH!!

I do about 50 of these freaking things and collapse on the floor...she thought my red face was funny...thanks, jerk. LOL

Yeah, really freaking funny....HA. HA.

Lat Pull Downs....a CRAPLOAD of these at 50lbs...I am just done right here.
 Oh, let's get back to some work on those legs...just look at HER....ass! LOL

 Rrrrraarrrrrrr!!!.....Grrrrrrr.....I hate choo! I hate choo!

Post workout redface and look at muscle girl, all cute and stuff. I hate choo.

 But it's soooooo worth it!! I love Dallas so much!

Dallas says, "See, you CAN do this, Norma Jean!"

I wrote this memo on my whiteboard that hangs at the entry to my house. I see it every day! 

Now, question is....did YOU workout and eat healthy today?

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