Monday, December 10, 2012

Today's Fun!

I haven't posted any entries here in a apologies to my readers! I have been quite busy and well, this blog got a little neglected as a result...Boo!

Today I got up at 5:30am. By 6:30am I was down on Balboa Island for my five-mile walk. I finished in one hour and 15 minutes...pretty good. I think it was a good idea to leave the iPhone in the car this time. I seem to always get slowed down by cute things I feel I have to take pictures of...with no phone, I had no temptation and was able to push through with ease.

Phase #2 - Came home, dropped the purse into the house, grabbed a protein shake w/strawberries and took a walk over to my gym, where I did:
50 Crunches
40 Lat Pulldowns
40 Rows
40 Supine Presses
40 Incline Presses

I was done with everything at 8:50am.

I am putting lemons into every water bottle I drink's really helping clear up my skin everywhere. I should have made this a routine long ago.

Enjoy your day everyone, don't be lazy!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Emily Shane Foundation Fundraiser

Dallas invited me to go with her to a benefit last night for the Emily Shane Foundation at the Malibu Inn.

We had a great time, more pictures to come! 

Based on the evening's events and message, I'd like to take a brief "Fitness Pause" and ask all the readers here to please visit this website. 

Here, you can post your own good deeds and I'd encourage all of you to share this with others. Make a difference, pass it forward. 


*Whispering* My face looks thinner all the time

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gold Standard Whey Protein - New Find!

Well, not exactly a NEW find, but I did find (by complete coincidence) a place in Laguna Hills that has this cheaper than the store in Costa Mesa. 

So, if you live near El Toro Road/I-5, Performance Nutrition has the smaller jug for $26 and the larger one for $52. 

I also discovered they have an online store:

Awesome Staff there too!  A+ - I will be going back!

Run For Your Lives!

This is Me. Running. I never run. I did today...a little. 

When I was doing the below treadmill "walk" I cranked it up a couple times to 5mph and would run a few seconds, then back down to 4mph for a good powerwalk. I did this little "spurt" four times and I was sweating like I haven't YET in these workouts. It really hurt my chest (ok, laugh) to run, but I freaking did it. 

2 miles on recumbent bike - took me 30 mins
Treadmill walk - 15 mins at 4mph incline "2" - 1 Mile Complete!

30-20lbs Supine
30-20lbs Incline
30-10lbs Shoulder
10 push ups
100 crunches
30-50lb lat pulldowns
25 Lunges
10 Squats

I continue to eat well and have been doing a lot of daily walks around Balboa Island, which is 2.5 miles once around both the big and small islands combined. 

I stop and see Fred every morning too...he asked me to go steady, I said no. We still have coffee at Park Avenue Cafe once in a while, though.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feeling Sluggish...Hate It.

This morning I could NOT for the life of me wake up at my usual 6am. I have been trying really hard to make sure to be on Balboa Island by 7am to start my walk. Today, I went at 2pm. I literally laid around and did close to nothing until 9am. Then, I did get some exercise around the house doing some cleaning, etc. No gym today, muscles are pretty sore and just felt physically drained. I guess that's bound to happen, I just pray that it doesn't happen too often. 

I was so tired, in fact, I forgot to make my own lunch, so by the time I got over to the office to pick up the mail, I was soooo I DID go to McD's-however! I got two Chicken Snack Wraps with Grilled Chicken and NO dressing. It was either that or a salad and today, I just didn't have "salad" taste. I feel very good about my choice and it was a no-brainer. I was not even slightly tempted by any burgers or fries or pies, none of it-yeah, willpower! 

So, today's walk was a total of 2.5 miles (as usual) and I felt pretty good when I got back, so I grilled myself a nice steak and ate some beets with it for dinner, with a nice big tall glass of water. I have some celery here for a snack later. 

It feels good to make the right choices and eat healthy. 

Did YOU do the same? I sure hope so! 


Monday, November 5, 2012

Crazy Work Week Meant Hardly Any Workouts!

I started last week, a week ago Thursday as a Stand-In on a new Michael Bay Pilot for TNT...then, I was hired for a feature spot in a new British TV Show with Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer...Altogether, I put in about 100 hours of work/socializing/networking with all the driving, etc.

The only exercise I did get was a lot of walking around when I could, including a lot of stair climbing. So, finally....this Saturday I hit the gym. 

I took the day off on Sunday since I had a loooong night at a Premiere for Swimming Wings Productions. (That's the production company that got our short film "Choices" to Cannes and why I now have a Cannes credit--thank you Jesus and Swimming Wings!) Anyway, the Premiere was for the band, Helicopter Rounds and their new single "The Hardest Day." Even though I don't "favor" any music outside of Streisand, I did enjoy the night immensely. The funniest part of the night was spent talking with two chief editors-from "Survivor" and "The Bachelor," those guys were hilarious!

With all the fun behind me (for now), today, I was back in the gym again! Thank Goodness!

Saturday: Did 2.5 mile speed walk around Balboa Island and an hour in the gym.
The Killing:
40-10lb Shoulder Press

40-10lb Supine Press
100 Crunches
30-40lb Row

30-40lb Lat Pulldown
50-50lb Leg Curl

50-50lb Leg Extension

Today: Another 2.5 mile speed walk around Balboa Island, an hour in the gym and a couple laps around the pool, finally soaking in 30 minutes of Vitamin D in this unseasonably warm temperature that currently stands at 91 degrees--in November?

Today's Killing: (Slightly smaller than Saturday's)
40-40lb Lat Pulldown
30-40lb Row
20-40lb Leg Extension
30-50lb Leg Curl

30-20lb Supine Press
20-20lb Incline Press

40 Crunches
2 Laps in Pool

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today's Status...

Well, yesterday I worked two hours away from home and being that I knew it would be a terribly long day,  I got into the jacuzzi in the morning to sooth the muscles for a long night ahead in not-so-comfortable work quarters.

I was wrapped at 3am-ish and rested in my car for just a few before trying to drive that long stretch home. 

Yesterday at work, I had a lot of snacks, but all healthy, I was too cold and tired to actually record it all in an email to Dallas (which I do every day), so I figured since I was sitting here and trying to remember, I would just try to recall and write it down here in the FAT journal! 

Here we go: 
(Keep in mind totals are for the entire day)

4 Cup Coffee - I know, I know....

5 Bottles of Water
Swedish Meatballs with Brown Rice
1 Salad with Cucumber, Tomato, Mushrooms (NO dressing)
2 Pieces of Fish w/ Roasted Veggies
Side of Brown Rice and Black Beans

Organic Oatmeal and Raisin Cookie
1 Banana
1 Cup Mixed Nuts
1 Greek Yogurt w/ fruit
1 Protein Shake w/ fruit 

I think that about does it? Given that my work place was sort of "isolated," I'm lucky to have eaten this well!

So, I arrived home about 5:30am, got a little rest, did my Podcast (I know, this is turning into a mundane blog, isn't it?! LOL), then rested a bit more. 

Today I haven't had an appetite at all and I'm aching everywhere, feet are one of the worst. Tomorrow morning I will get up early and motivate myself to the gym...for another EPISODE OF....
 (Albiet Self-Inflicted this time)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Fat-Track Update!

Yesterday, it was not my regular day to work out, but I did some physical things anyway. I figured that since I wasn't working I had better not sit around! So, I did: 15 mins on the treadmill 5 laps in the pool 10 mins in jacuzzi It wasn't much, but I was so sore, I was glad I did at least this! 

Today, I did a full hour workout and 5 laps in the pool, I've eaten really well today so far and I've even finally! managed to increase my water intake...a blessing, this is and still continues to be a challenge. 

My workout today: 

15 Mins on Treadmill
40-10lb Supine Press
40-10lb Incline Press
40-10lb Shoulder Press
80 Crunches
40-40lb Lat Pulldowns
40-20lb Arm Curls
40-20lb Pushdowns on Lat Machine
20-40lb Rows
40-50lb Leg Curls
40-50lb Leg Extensions
20 Lunges
20 Squats

The Naked Truth

This entry is nothing but naked weigh-ins!

10/1 - 154 lbs. (Still Fat)
10/24 - 150 lbs. (Little Lighter)
11/5 - 150 lbs. (What?!?)
11/20 -  148 lbs. (Why am I still FAT?-UGH!)
12/1 - GOAL - 140 lbs.  (Still would be FAT, however, it's better than FAT-ASS 154!)
12/15 - GOAL - 135 lbs.
12/31 - GOAL - 130 lbs. - My Normal Weight
4/16 - WAY BEHIND GOAL-At least I can admit it and fix it.
7/30 - 145 lbs. (10 More Pounds to Go-UGH!) 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The FAT Nasty!

There it is...the FAT nasty!

A concern I was thinking about today was....will all this FAT cellulite JUNK that I have created with my bad diet and stupidity...ever go away?

I think this is as very valid concern. Given my age and absolute ignorance of so many things "health," I have no idea, even with exercise if this GROSS, NASTY, DISGUSTING cellulite will be a thing of the past. 

I called Dallas today and asked her about this and she said, "Yes, it will mostly go away with time and keeping up your routine." Now, of course, she offered no guarantees, but I'm hopeful that she's absolutely right. 

Certainly, it will be interesting to see what happens with this leg cheese, say, after a couple more months. Of course, I will post another picture and I'll try to take the picture exactly as this one. 

Today, I finally got to the gym! I hadn't been since Friday due to work. 

Here's what I did and I certainly made up for lost time...I hope it inspires you to work your own FAT ASS! LOL

1 Hour on Treadmill at 3.5mph
40-40lb Lat Pulldowns
40-10lb Supine Press
40-10lb Shoulder Press
40-10lb Incline Press
30-60lb Leg Extension
30 more @ 30lb
30-60lb Leg Curl
30 more @ 30lb
80 Crunches
5 Laps in Pool 

Who's IN the TRANSFORMATION CLUB with me?!? 

Let's do this!

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Ugly Truth!

Oh GOD...I can't believe I'm putting this up's taking everything I've got. 

Swallowing the pride, here's the dastardly measurements! 
I WANT TO HIDE! So gross!! OMGosh....sigh.

Waist: 35"
(Telling self--"You're such a fat ass right now! If you EVER get this FAT help you, er, me!")

Hips: 41"
Right Arm: 13"
Flexed: 13.5" 
Right Thigh: 21.5"

The GOOD news is the weight is now down one more pound! 

For those curious...
Age: 45
Height: 5'7" 
Current Weight: 150 (*hides*)
Non-Smoker/Drug Free
Hasn't exercised on any consistent basis since 2003.

Today, I did a one hour workout..
Here's what I did, so you get an idea of my "ability" at this, still, early stage: 
10 Minutes on the Elliptical (going very fast) on Resistance of "4"
30 Lunges
30 Squats
20-30lb Rows

30-40lb Lat Pulldowns
20-20lb Supine Press
20-20lb Incline Press
20-10lb Arm Curls on Lat Machine
20-10lb Push Downs on Lat Machine
65 Crunches
10 Laps in the Pool

What did I eat? Here's an example of my meals: 

Pre Workout: (30 mins prior)
Lots of Water when I wake up!
Small cup of coffee w/ Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 Hardboiled Egg
1 6oz Greek Yogurt w/ Natural, Unprocessed Granola
1 Banana

Post Workout: 
Protein Shake-24grams of Protein, 1gram of Sugar. Made with Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor Gold Standard Protein Powder, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Raspberries, Strawberries and Banana. 
Salad - NOT the bagged lettuce, but the fresh bunches, I tear off as needed. 
In the salad, I put a whole can of tuna and a half of a tomato-I NEVER use dressing, salt or pepper. It's still yummy, the juice from the tuna makes its own dressing very nicely. 

I look at this website a lot for information...can't be babysat by Dallas Malloy...she's my guide, but I need to know what all this stuff is and frankly, I love learning about it. It's a whole new world, so fun and awesome. 

I want to thank all the Fitness Gurus that have started reading this blog and emailing me with KUDOS! I'm so thankful!! Who knew all these fitness models and instructors would be SO interested in watching my progress. Or did you come here just to laugh? LOL!

Much love, 
Norma Jean  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Do Something Physical Every Day!

Since Dallas just about KILLED me yesterday, today is a recovery day...NOT!

I got motivated enough to go swimming! Here in Newport Beach it is 86 Degrees today. Unseasonably warm, yeah!

So, I went swimming for 15 minutes, kicking and thrashing like some crazy fish! It felt GREAT! Today was the first day in my 15 days of living healthy that I did TWO days in a row of sure beat sitting here and I felt soooo good about myself and my motivation to actually do it-yeah me! I may just go swimming every day this week, supposed to be in the 80s throughout the week. Of course, I do have to work on some TV Shows and Films, so who knows what time I will have for exercise but I can at least go for walks on my breaks from set, which I intend to do!

Anyway, when I got back from my afternoon swim, I did my Podcast and guess who today's special guest was!?


Take a listen?

The Positive Actor Podcast is also on iTunes, so you can listen to Dallas's segment over and over again!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dallas Kicks My Butt!

Ok, so we're two weeks in and "The Taping" took place today...

Dallas is not too happy with my lack of previous attention to my body, but we're changing that. Here's her hilarious reaction to my fat arms, she made me laugh so hard! LOL

"This "previous" you was the work of foolishness...we're moving on to a better you, right, NJ?" This, dear friends, is the finger of SHAME! *hides fat arms under towel and pokes bottom lip out in shame*

So, then....we proceed into the gym for what I like to call, simply....THE KILLING!
Just look at muscle girl up there standing over me like this is easy and I can do it. Be quiet up there muscles, I hate these friggin' push ups! UGH!!

I do about 50 of these freaking things and collapse on the floor...she thought my red face was funny...thanks, jerk. LOL

Yeah, really freaking funny....HA. HA.

Lat Pull Downs....a CRAPLOAD of these at 50lbs...I am just done right here.
 Oh, let's get back to some work on those legs...just look at HER....ass! LOL

 Rrrrraarrrrrrr!!!.....Grrrrrrr.....I hate choo! I hate choo!

Post workout redface and look at muscle girl, all cute and stuff. I hate choo.

 But it's soooooo worth it!! I love Dallas so much!

Dallas says, "See, you CAN do this, Norma Jean!"

I wrote this memo on my whiteboard that hangs at the entry to my house. I see it every day! 

Now, question is....did YOU workout and eat healthy today?

Lost 4 Pounds So Far!

Since October 1st, I've already lost 4 pounds!

Here's what I've been doing!

All-Natural foods, a lot of fruits and vegetables and I'm staying away from most "processed" foods. If it's not "clean" food, I don't eat it. I also eat about six small meals a day and I can certainly feel the metabolism picking up the pace!

I have been working out 3x a week consistently as well as going swimming afterward on most of the days depending how much energy I have.

Here's how my waistline is looking as of 10/13/12:

Dallas is going to take measurements soon and I will share them with you. After a couple weeks, we'll do new measurements and celebrate the progress here!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Whey Protein Time

Dallas instructed me to use Whey Protein, with at least 22-25 Grams of Protein and 1 Gram of Sugar. 

I ventured over to OffNutrition in Costa Mesa and found this 2lb jug of Gold Standard Whey Protein in Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor. It fits all the criteria Dallas wants me to have and I even got a free shaker and some fun samples of other stuff...weeeee!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bike It Out!

I took this photo on October 5th, funny...I'm on the stationary bike at home...and I've got other bikers behind me.

Riding the bike is actually easy, but my butt hurts!

Monday, October 1, 2012

And So It Begins....

On October 1st, 2012 I had my first workout with Dallas Malloy, Champion Body Builder extraordinaire!

We did some pretty easy stuff to start with, it's been a long time since I've really been in consistently working out in any way, shape, or form!

Currently, my weight is somewhere around 153-154. I stand 5'7" me, this is a shameful weight and I certainly can't believe I didn't get a grasp on this sooner.

Well, this is soon to be past me and the goal is somewhere around 130-135 again, my "normal" weight and a more healthier weight for sure.

At this moment, I feel like a fatted cow that's eaten her way through three pastures...disgusting feeling...blech!

The motivation is not only be an inspiration to others, but certainly to make my children proud...leading by example is the greatest gift you can give to your children and while height/weight proportionate and  pretty healthy themselves, we could all use a few trips to the gym each excuses...those are for fools and I'm done being an unhealthy fool who's 20 lbs overweight! BEING OVERWEIGHT IS NOT ONLY DISGUSTING, BUT IT DOESN'T MAKE ME FEEL GOOD AT ALL!! NEVER AGAIN!!